My mission is to tell it like it is.

To spare no detail no matter how crappy, rainy, sweaty, grumpy or wonderfully tiring my travel experiences are. To never sugarcoat my experiences and be honest, ethical and thrifty as hell as I travel the world.

To show you fellow readers that quitting your job and travelling the world isn’t the anti-conformity that instantly brings your best life.


I work/worked in social media and marketing and saw the amount of fakery/floral dresses and sunsets/minimalist trends and bandwagon on bandwagon until I said that I’d had enough! Why are there so few bloggers out there really telling travel like it is? We all know it isn’t fluent French and fresh flowers, and that’s where Artless Awkward Traveller was born.

So let’s be real for a sec, when you think of travel you think of the Hollywood version, the insty influencers swarming your feed with picnic blankets, lilac-tinted sunsets (for some reason always with those wool hats?) #havingthebesttimeever #mylifeisgreatandyourssucks 

Ok, so this is the complete opposite of that.

Let’s talk nitty gritty,

Let’s talk about the time you went to order a coffee in Paris in your 3-days-confident French ‘un caffe latte???’ and you weren’t quite certain whether the waiter understood you and or possibly/definitely spat in your coffee.

Or the time you went hiking to see a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime view and the whole time you were distracted by the fact you actually chose to walk for 5 hours uphill and you’re cursing yourself about all those warm, delicious salty pretzels you definitely should(n’t) have eaten the day before while the girl with the fantastic butt is beating you up the hill and literally wiggling it your face. Meanwhile walking up the whole way and just wanting to find the perfect time to pick your wedgie.

So here I am, Awkward & Artless in all my glory to make it all OK and totally acceptable. We’re all friends here. 

I also have other stuff going on at http://www.lenatuck.com

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